Welcome, As creator, webmaster, editor and primary producer for Tv.4pha.com it is my pleasure  to introduce,  a very special , talented, beautiful  and resourceful  "Lady" known as  Basha Riddick. It is my hope that this introduction viaTv.4pha.com  will support the positive  growth and development of her efforts to be of service to all.

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The Basha Riddick Show Can Be Viewed In The Player Below On Saturdays at 1:00pm


Flash ! Authors, Publishers, Readers and All Concerned. Get on board. Register Early for Something Grand and Meaingful!

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Please enjoy video excerpts from last years event (The 5th Annual  "I LOVE TO READ BOOK FAIR")  

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Please enjoy  the clip below where Basha Riddick Interviews Mr. Joseph Jackson the Patriarch and Mentor of the  "Jackson Family".  



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