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This is your portal to the work of Catharine Williams-Murphy, talk show host and columnist Tv.4pha.com. We are pleased to announce and present our  newest addition Basha Riddick.  




The Catharine Show - A series of interviews hosted by Catharine Williams Murphy and a special  performance of It's Real, It's Reality Cat's Column - Catharine shares info and photos and links from the events she has covered. 


A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012 To All  from tv.4pha.com

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We at Tv.4pha.com are honored by your visit. We hope that you find the content we present informative and useful. We wish you success in your endeavor as we thank you in advance for being in our success story. Please note that as you read the articles in Cat's Column written by our Tv.4pha.com shining star Catharine Williams-Murphy you will see underlined text , color and enlarged letters indicating a link to a website or email address. Please click on the link to send email to the individual or concern or to visit the publicly viewable website of that individual or concern. We hope that you enjoy the content that is available 24/7 on this site. Please enjoy the Catharine Show a virtual place to see and hear individuals that are working hard to lovingly contribute to the well being of our society in their own way. People who give love through professional, business, social and artistic offerings that often express peace, prosperity, protection and healing. Catharine assists them in communicating to you the information that they would like you to hear. This may well enable you to support them in the way they wish to be supported. Overall our endeavor at Tv.4pha.com and the 4pha.com family of websites is to promote, peace , prosperity, protection , healing actualization. Ladies, Gentleman, Brothers, Sisters, Boys and Girls all members of the human family world wide on behalf of all 4pha.com associates may I state "We Love You" Thank you once again from Sam Lackey, Webmaster


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